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Featured Article: Lift

An illustration of Lift by Dominick Saponaro
You’re my pet Voidbringer, and no lies are going to change that. I got you captured. No stealing souls, now. We ain’t here for souls. Just a little thievery, the type what never hurt nobody.
—Lift to Wyndle

Lift was a Reshi thief who worked in Azimir in Azir on Roshar. She had Surgebinding abilities that corresponded with the Order of Edgedancers.

Appearance and Personality

Someone has to care. Too few people care these days.

Lift was twelve years old, and had long straight dark hair that she wore down to her waist. Her skin was tan and she had the rounded features of the Reshi. Lift always kept a diamond mark in her pocket, which she considered lucky.

As would be expected from someone Lift's age, she often acted child-like. For instance, although she was thirteen years old, she claimed to be ten because she believed that any number that she could not count to on her fingers was unlucky. Lift was often sarcastic and irreverent, which often annoyed her fellow Azish thieves. She also enjoyed mocking her spren, Wyndle, calling him a Voidbringer instead of a spren because she knew it annoyed him and not due to any sort of dislike she had for him. Lift also had little patience for Wyndle's extremely technical explanation of the Realmatic Theory behind her abilities. Despite her teasing, she truly did like Wyndle and was genuinely worried for him when she thought that Darkness was following her to try and kill Wyndle.

Lift had an interesting perspective on the morality of her thievery. She did not think it wrong because it did not hurt anyone. Lift was also totally uninterested in stealing typical items such as gold, jewelry, spheres or anything traditionally of value. Lift liked to break into places and eat their food. She stole food for the challenge, rather than trying to gain any sort of wealth for herself.

For all her flaws, Lift had a good heart. She saw much death in her life, but it still impacted her greatly when someone she knew died. For instance, when Gawx was mortally wounded, she cared enough to return and try to save him, despite the fact that she was risking capture and death to do so. Lift cared for other people because she thought that someone had to, which seems to be a temperament that was shared by other Edgedancers. Once, Lift tried to stop caring about others, possibly during her time in Rall Elorim, but she quit because it was worse than being dead.

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